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Kitchen Interior Designing


Twinternal Interiors are the trusted, top-rated interior designers who have skilled staff. Our crew members are experts in suggesting the best creative ideas for the kitchen interior designing of your house. We also provide contemporary and conventional furniture solutions within your budget. Our kitchen designs have a wide range of popular collections that you can choose from at an affordable price.


Modular Kitchen Ideas


The Kitchen of the house is used extensively to cook delicious meals and serve the family. Spending time in the kitchen must be enjoyable, so it important to have a kitchen that is comfortable for the household chores. Every woman desire to have a glamorous modular kitchen. At Twinternal interiors, you can look for creative ideas on kitchen interior designing. We offer unique ideas that achieve desired look of your modular kitchen.


Island Modular Kitchen


The Island Modular Kitchen is a stand-alone type of kitchen. The island is separated from the main kitchen area. As per the kitchen space that is available the size of the island can be specified since there is no specific dimension for the island. The island Modular kitchen is well organized with several compartments of cabinets to hold the kitchen accessories. The modern Island modular kitchen is stylish, versatile that best suits your requirements. Take suggestions from our experts for Island Modular Kitchen ideas.


Parallel Modular Kitchen


Parallel modular kitchens have two kitchen platforms, the cabinets run parallel to each other. The parallel kitchen has a narrow space that includes two walls along with a passage in between the walls. Either side of the call has plenty of cabinets. These types of kitchens are gaining popularity in recent years, as the parallel modular kitchen takes less floor space and it is the best option for small homes. They are comparatively cheaper. Our professional team members are at your service to provide suitable kitchen interior designing ideas on parallel modular kitchens.


Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore


With Twinternal interior, get kitchen modular designing ideas that fit your budget. The Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore have trendy designs to choose from and you can also get free design consultation. Our staffs have experience in designing the interior of modular kitchens. There are plenty of available options. The various types of kitchen interior designing ideas that we are expert in includes:


G-shaped kitchen design: The G-shaped kitchen makes the kitchen appear more spacious, enabling it to hold more appliances. The storage options are more as it has more wall kitchen cabinets, more base kitchen cabinets, more counter space, etc.


I-shaped modular kitchen: The I-shaped kitchen is best to fit in the length of a wall or even for a compact kitchen. It is most commonly found in studios, the kitchen cabinets and other appliances are all fitted in a single wall. To get suggestions on various types of I-shaped modular kitchen turn to our professionals.


U-shaped kitchen designs: The U-shaped kitchen design gives a spacious look to your kitchen. This type of kitchen has plenty of storage facilities and it offers abundant space to accomplish your everyday chores in the kitchen. It also has several cabinets for storing the kitchen appliances, cutlery, glassware items, etc.


L-shaped kitchen designs: The L-shaped kitchen design is more likely an open kitchen. The L-shape fits into the two sides of a triangle, this type of kitchen features two benchtops at two adjacent walls of the kitchen. It has sufficient space to move around to perform your duties. Our expert team members are willing to offer valuable suggestions from their experience.


Modular kitchen ideas: The modular kitchen comprises diversified material which enables easy dismantling and reassembling. The wall cabinets and the floor units that are used in this type of kitchen can be easily removed and reinstalled. It is advisable for those families who frequently move as their job requires.


Island Modular Kitchen: Island modular kitchen is best for those who have ample kitchen space.  This type of kitchen is more prominent as it provides additional storage space and seating facilities. You can opt for an L-shaped or straight kitchen along with an island space that works as a dining counter when required.


Parallel Modular kitchen: It features two working areas that are installed parallel to each other which enables you to easily perform all your kitchen routine work hassle-free. This type of kitchen is more convenient to work, plan, and design. It comes in various designs, our skilled team experts will guide you to choose the one that best suits the interior of your kitchen.


Twinternal Interiors are at your service 24/7, our specialized team members provide excellent service, we take up the kitchen interior designing, remodeling, etc. For more information, call us or visit our website.



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