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One of the latest design trends that have been trending globally is open layouts. But with the designs of Indian homes, we need to spruce up the open layouts for more functionality. That’s what gives birth to the idea of living room partitions. Our team of professional interior designers at Twingernal has curated a list of designs and do’s and don’ts you can consider while designing your living room.

Besides the functionality of the living room, We also keep an out for the aesthetic. What’s the point of having a fully functional living room when it’s not pleasing to your eyes?

Room divider partition for living room 

Traditionally, you’re go-to to spice up the living room would be fancy rugs, warm lighting, sofa cushions, etc. But Room divider ideas give a complete makeover to your living space.

A room divider is a perfect way to divide the kitchen and the living area, dining space, or even the home office, without actually disturbing the style of the two rooms. It’s the best way to make most of the space in your home and allow an effortless transition between the spaces.



Cabinet living room partition designs are the best suited for the dining areas or big houses that have a foyer. It is most commonly designed in polished plywood material. This is a very functional room divider design idea and fits perfectly within compact spaces. The base or bottom of the cabinet partition is a storage unit, very useful for keeping shoes, TV accessories etc. The upper half is polished wood. It is a see-through partition and consumes very little space and the storage space is very useful for smaller apartments.



Another trendy wooden partition design, this is the perfect go-to for the living room lounges. There’s nothing more simple yet elegant than traditional solid wood dividers. They’re classy and intricate works of art, and more often on the more expensive side of designs.

Traditional interior design style

A Metal frame with lacquered glass room divider design

If you prefer a dramatic or eventful element to your room, then you should definitely opt for out metal frame with lacquered glass living room partition design. They make quite a statement with their bright and bold elements. On the hand of pricing, glass is very much affordable compared to wooden frames.

Wooden and Glass Living Room Partitions

Wooden and Glass Living Room Partitions

Wooden and Glass together bring out elegance and simplicity in any room. If you have a huge living room space you can go for this heavy type of room divider. This design, like its name suggests, is made up of a wooden grid with a glass panel laid over it. It’s mostly transparent and divides the space elegantly.


This design goes perfectly with the sitting lounges regardless of the presence of a foyer. The colourful plant pots and hangings on a sleek metal frame partition bring out a cheerful element to the living room, when paired with brightly painted walls. Painted metal frame living room partition design A painted metal frame room divider is the perfect choice if you’re a maximalist and want your living room to colourfully pop out. The intricate designs add color and texture to your divider and make it vibrantly stand out in the room. These design pieces are made up of metal coloured with Duco paint.

Twinternal’s team of interior designers are here to help you through the process of picking what’s best for your home. From choosing the perfect design, consulting on the pricing to providing you with the home you’ve always dreamt of, Twinternal works through every step of the way!

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