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After a long, tiring day of fulfilling obligations, the bedroom provides us with the peace of mind to survive another day. Thus, it’s essential that you design a bedroom with a certain vibe in mind. Good false ceiling designs for the bedroom can help to create that vibe.

The bedroom is our comfort space. The bedroom design should be such that it gives you an instant mood boost as soon as you enter it. Bedroom designs with false ceilings are a great way to achieve that. Most homeowners who are looking for aesthetically pleasing interiors are now also looking at making the ceiling the focal point of the home design. 

There are several factors to consider while choosing the false ceiling designs of the bedroom. The shape of your bedroom’s false ceiling determines its style quotient to a great extent.

Minimalism is the trendy theme in home interiors these days. Over-the-top designs and decors are considered tacky in comparison to modern false ceiling designs for master bedrooms.

For a simple, minimalist look, the false ceiling design should focus on clean lines. A tray false ceiling or a floating island work best for a simple false ceiling design. Coved lighting for the false ceiling design of the bedroom creates an elegant ambiance. Avoid pendant lights and chandeliers. False ceiling light for the bedroom should be as subtle as possible.

All homeowners want unique false ceiling designs for their bedrooms. It is not an impossible want because design innovation in false ceilings has advanced a lot. Multiple square-shaped false ceiling designs for the bedroom infuse life in the master bedroom. Squares of different sizes are installed like a modern art piece on the ceiling. This kind of false ceiling is the perfect showstopper in a master bedroom.

There are so many geometric patterns and textures that can make a bedroom stand out. A coffered ceiling is a series of indentations or recesses on the surface of a false ceiling. These ceilings create the illusion of height. Simply put, coffered ceilings are not smooth. Architects often experiment with the depth and shape of the coffer to create attractive designs. A tray’s false ceiling design looks like an inverted tray. It has recessed lights which give a sleek look to your bedroom. It is made of POP. Hence, the installation of this ceiling is easy.

After the selection of the design, we come to the million-dollar question: Which colour is the best for false ceilings? Plain white is the most popular choice for bedroom false ceiling designing. Since white goes with almost every colour, it is the easiest choice for the ceiling. Monochromatic grey and white false ceiling colour look elegant. In case the walls of the bedroom are painted in a light colour, the false ceiling could be painted in a darker shade of the same colour.

There’s no reason for a small bedroom to remain devoid of the stylish presentation of a false ceiling for bedrooms. The focus should be on creating an illusion of more space in a cramped bedroom. For that, a mirrored ceiling is one of the best false ceiling ideas for a bedroom. Appropriate false ceiling lights for bedrooms are also an effective option to make space feel roomier.


1. HIDE WIRES: a false ceiling is a perfect place to hide wires and pipes. A false ceiling can also be fitted with sunken or hidden lighting. 

2. BRINGS LOFTY CEILINGS LOWER: for lofty vertical space that dwarfs furniture in a room, you can consider installing a false ceiling to restore proportions.

3. GREAT ACOUSTICS: adding an additional layer to the original ceiling creates better acoustics making it a perfect design treatment for living rooms, home theatre, and AV rooms.

False ceilings that are custom designed and made with high-quality POP and gypsum will last well beyond 20 years in normal conditions. When compared to tube lights, bulbs, and track lights, they are cost and energy-efficient in the long run. Their ability to reflect and diffuse light to a wider area makes them more efficient than focused lightings like track lights and tube lights.

Adding a false ceiling to an existing or new interior design plan enlivens the space. It also creates a cozy ambiance and earns brownie points for supporting lower energy bills!

The choice is limitless when it comes to false ceiling designs for bedrooms. Tray ceilings and floating islands are quite popular options in bedroom false ceiling designing. A lighter colour palette is best for the design of a false ceiling for the bedroom. A light bedroom false ceiling colour gives the bedroom a spacious and airier feel. There are several unique styles one may opt for when designing a false ceiling for master bedrooms. False ceiling designs in bedrooms are a sure-fire way of making your bedroom into a work of modern art. With false ceilings in bedrooms, the possibilities are limitless and the results are extraordinary!

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