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Planning out the interiors of small kitchens might seem like a task, you feel like there is not much to work with. Our team of professionals at Twinternal strives to make the most of the space available and provide you with efficient, full-fledged working small kitchens layouts. We have researched and assimilated tips on how to make the most of a modern small kitchen layout, fruitful for small kitchens, to make it easier for you to learn and choose the very best for your kitchen!


parallel kitchen

If you have read our blog on Kitchen layout designs, you would know why are small parallel kitchen designs are the go-to for a small kitchen. In case you haven’t, don’t worry! We will brief it up for you. Parallel kitchens, also known as Galley kitchen layout designs, are in the shape of a galley or a corridor, in simple words. This layout is especially for modern, horizontally long but small kitchens. This kitchen layout might look a little congested at first, but if there’s anything we excel at, it is the ability to bring out multiple solutions to your interior design problems.

Here is what you can do to bring out the best of your small parallel kitchen design.

  • Add the element of window space, to bring a little light and a natural tone to your small kitchen layout. While windows are the key to a well-ventilated house, it also lightens up the space, along with a fresh whip of air while you are cooking!
  • Add color to your kitchen’s corner walls with accessories like spoon/spatula stands, kitchen bag holders, plants, wall art, or even pictures of you and your loved ones.
  • Explore your options with single galley and double galley kitchen layout designs according to the size of your kitchen.
  • Do not go for a centerpiece or countertop in the middle of the kitchen since it will obstruct walking in and out.


If you have a square-shaped kitchen, which is the case in most modern small kitchen layouts, here is what you can do to personalize the space while making it efficient.

  • Go for drawers instead of cabinets. A lot of top space gets wasted in cabinets, hence defeating our purpose of creating a space-efficient kitchen. Whereas, drawers can be used to their full potential since they’re easy to pull open and close back in.
  • Add a countertop with drawers in the bottom to enhance your cooking space, while making your kitchen floor free to move around on.

Many homeowners stress about creating a spacious working space with a small kitchen layout to work with. This is exactly what we are here to help you with! Our team of interior designers will walk you hand in hand through the process and create the kitchen you’d love to work in every day!

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